Feeling sad and guilt…

This morning two bad things happened…One I still feel guilty about and sad about the other one.

I was driving David to school and accidentally passed a bus with his stop sign raised.
Actually the bus was in a long like of cars on the other side in a two lane street, and every car was just sitting there, the ones before the bus and the ones behind. There was no gap or any indication the children were boarding onto the bus. As I passed the front of the bus, the driver raised it’s stop signs…A girl on the side of the road started stepping in front of my car, but backed up and waited for me to pass…Did I do something illegal? I was surprised by the stop signs going up as I passed the bus and also by the girl. I didn’t think stopping along the body of the bus was safe either so I passed it really slow…I saw the girl passing the street behind me.
I saw the bus stop there before but it was always on my side going home. I am laden with guilt now, but really what it the law in this case?

I tried to scroll through this FB page for missing pets, to see if someone is missing a orange cat with white marking on the face, it is an older, big cat, but I couldn’t see such post.

I didn’t see if it was a male or female, I was too distraught to look. The cat was laying in the middle of the road, in Clearwater on Belcher between Nursery and Druid…I had to swerve to avoid hitting it’s lifeless body, and I only drove a few feet, then turned around and picked him up and set him on the grass. I said a prayer and left him there hoping someone who was missing this cat would walk there to find him. I don’t know what’s better…never knowing or finding out…Sorry to whoever owns this cat.


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