Employment rants and all

You know what law I would like to see?
For employers to disclose the real reason for not hiring the person in front of them.
In my early USA days…I was so naively confident that I can nail an entry level data entry job, and the recruiter who also happened to be the owner!!!! that day he did interviews…??? anyways, he told me I wouldn’t be good for the job. Wen I asked him why, he said bc it’s boring. I argued that I needed a job. And his argument was that he needed people that will stay working for his company long term.
When I asked him why does he think I won’t stay long term, he said I see your personality. I then asked what’s wrong with it?
He’s answer: You are outgoing, you like to work with people, you have a lot of good qualities you wouldn’t be able to put to use by sitting at that cubicle and I will lose you no later then 2 months…and after we put in 2 paid weeks to train you, we will be frustrated to see you go. As much as I agreed with him, everything was absolutely true, I was angry with myself for not getting the job.
I was also happy that he told me the truth, or at least he told me something…most employers don’t even bother contacting you after an interview, let alone tell you why you didn’t get hired.
Who else thinks that if employers told the reasons for rejecting your application would help improve your interviewing skills??? lol. No I mean who believes they can improve on themselves, if they knew the truth, or they would reconsider the jobs they apply for?
After this interview I decided to reconsider my job search parameters and I opted for appliance sales at Sears…that didn’t go over so well either…at that time they asked me if I have 20 years experience in appliance sales…I didn’t. I was 26, so Unless I started making revenue profits for a million dollar company at 6 years old…so my answer had to be no. (ok only 2 years experience, but still…how do heck you gain experience if you never get hired in the first place lalala). The naive me brushed it off… went strait back to retail for minimum wage…what else is a girl to do fresh off the plane, with 10 years experience in retail Bam#

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