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Sauerkraut, the stinky cabbage


THis beautiful food is sauerkraut.
I’m sure you heard a thousand times already that fermented food is good for you.
It’s true. I grew up eating sauerkraut, so for me it’s easy to eat it and love it, but for some people it’s challenging . The taste is strong, but once you get used to it, you’ll love it.

The reason I decided to bring this delicious food up, is because I used it’s juice in my salad today and I can’t tell you how much I loved it. I decided that every other time I eat a salad, I will use sauerkraut juice instead of apple cider vinegar. I like both and both have amazing health benefits, so they have to share my love 🙂

Just a few health benefits to list in case you’re still in doubt…

Sauerkraut and it’s juice contain “billions of good bacteria, enzymes, vitamins and minerals produced by microflora”, says Dr. Jill on her blog site, Real Food Forager.

Well known health benefits are: cancer protection! in research done on mice shows chemopreventive activity, according to a study published in the British Journal Nutrition in 2011 by V. K.,  and Sz. H. . Weight loss, anti-microbial effect.

Sauerkraut inhibits the growth of very toxic bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella.

Anti-fungal effect against candida.

Now that you know everything about the health benefits, and the great taste of sauerkraut, I bet you’re wondering where to get it and what kind?  If you ask me, I’ll say only organic, but you might not believe in the accuracy of that information, then I advise you to do some research on what foods to eat. But let’s say you are going to buy sauerkraut in a glass jar, then all you have to do it strain the juice to drink it. Not too much at a time tho. just a bit in the beginning, and then do a bit of research of how much is recommended for a beginner to drink at once…it can cause diarrhea if ingested too much. The store bought one has too much salt to my taste so I either water it down a bit, or you can try to make your own.

Here is one of the recipes, but there are plenty online and there is even a fermenting group  on FB you can join to learn how to methods. Those people are really good at fermenting, and you will see true and tried recipes, not just some random one online…

Dr. Jill’s fermented cabbage juice recipe here:


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Lower your bad cholesterol

Eat apples to lower your cholesterol! Who knew?

“Apples contain pectin, the soluble fiber responsible for lowering cholesterol. The pectin in the apple works in the same fashion as the beta glucan in the oatmeal. Cut up an apple and use it as the sweetener for your oatmeal, or simply eat it off the core as you’re getting ready for work. Oranges, strawberries, grapes and other citrus fruits also contain pectin.”apple_960x540