Simple guide to potatoes

For mash potatoes and baked potatoes, the starchy potatoes, like Idaho Russet are the best, and for best French fries, use KatahdinFor soups, roasting, boiling, salads and casseroles the best are the vaxy potatoes which are Red Bliss aka red potatoes, the Arondiak Blue, Purple Viking, and new potatoes, you know those shiny smaller potatoes that are fresh and cute 🙂..Also fingerling potatoes, those yellow longer shaped ones…All purpose potatoes, which means don’t panic if you couldn’t find the red potatoes to roast in your pantry, you can use: Yukon Gold or Purple Peruvian. The purple potatoes might not be sitting pretty on the shelves of your Walmart, but you can find them in health food stores or try your local fresh market.


My favorite potatoes are the red and the new potatoes, and that tells you how I like my potatoes best 🙂 Roasted. Yeah. Bon apapetit.