Palacsinta Crepes

I am making palacsinta or as the French call it, crepes. without a recipe.

Major smoke alarm warning!!! Smoke alarms don’t like crepes. no matter what oil u use, how hot or what pan, you’ll have smoke in the kitchen, not life treatening,  but enough to set smoke alarms off. so open windows and doors or disable your smoke alarms…lol

I never counted how much flour is start with, maybe bc I’m so acustumed to eyeing quantities…start with one or two cups of flour. 

So I add flour in a bowl

and I crack an egg on top. Next I drop a pinch of salt, a splash of milk and water. some people add oil to make it less sticky. 

 I whisk and it becomes a gooey texture, thinner then your pancake mix. If you don’t make pancakes, learn that first, crepes are much harder… they’re thinner and stickier. I personally use an iron skillet to make my food, so my foods tends to stick to the bottom. I need to adjust recipes accordingly.  

When you’re done mixing your batter heat a blob of oil (I use coconut oil) in your pan and turn it to medium. coconut oil burns burns bit you gonna have smoke in the kitchen, don’t get scared just open the windows..:-)

When it’s hot use  a ladle and starting in the middle of other pan drop the mixture and start turning your pan around, titling it in a circular motion. the goal is to help your batter spread in the an evenly. Typically if u add to much batter it will come out more like pancakes but this one won’t bubble it will burn too fast instead.

So aside from you playing with this process, one thing I can tell you, the way you know the first side of your crepes are done is if the edges get dryer then the rest or even a bit brown. if it gets dark brown your burning it. 

So please experiment, don’t get all so frustrated, the pont is to have fun. 

If u are using a non-stick pan the  danger of scratching the bottom is there bc you will need some sort of a tool to help it turn once on side is done. I use a metal spatula. (I avoid all plastic).

Some experienced crepe makers just flip them in the pan they don’t use any tools in the pan. 

Now it’s time to play. You need to feel it out. play with the heat settting, we the amount of oil u use…how long u fry, everything. 

People publish recipes and believe that everyone is using the same stove, pan, oil, and amount of patience…well they couldn’t be more further from the truth. 

Making food is an adventure, not a chore, especially when you’re trying out new recipes. please have fun. 

You might burn, cuss, sweat, but at the end it’s just a new adventure…

So if your batter looks like this in the pan, it’s OK don’t panic. it’s important to be patient with yourself. even this might happen. it’s ok. You’re experimenting. 

Don’t forget to add a half teaspoon of oil to an iron skillet or just a drop to a non-stick just to be on the safe side…

Eventually rhis might happen for you too. remember get it as think as you can without burning it. Just add add a bit water to it to thin it if u have to.

Some people make it with milk only, some a 50-50 ratio of water and milk…again something to experiment with. 

Eventually you gonna have these 🙂