Crafting for Multiple Personality Disorder

Most experts on the subject would say that multiple personality disorder is a complex struggle within one person in which two or more distinct identities grapple for control.

I say, based on the extensive research I’ve done watching The Three Faces of Eve, and that other one starring the Flying Nun, it is just another example of the human brain making a silk purse from lemons.

Yes it is considered a severe form of dissociation that’s born from extreme and violent trauma during early childhood, but the upside is, in its attempt to detach itself from this hellish nightmare, the brain creates an immensely entertaining, cinema worthy circus of personalities.

It’s as if a playwright has stuffed a leghty scenario into your skull and u get to play all the characters, but you don’t get to remember any lines or even when to enter or exit. Spending time with a person with multiple personalities is a revolving door of amusement. Sometimes the personality is shy and demure and then for no reason at all, it turns sexy! Then before you can adjust to this saucy wamp, an innovative innocent child emerges. What a trilling roller-coaster ride! -“Simple Times”. -by Amy Sedaris-. 

I left out part of her comment from the end of the page because I found it offensive but what I got from it is how can someone embrace their multiple personalities. It seems that an actor would make the most out of it, that is if they’re able to learn how to switch between their “roles. This book shares different crafts for different folks, including kids and one section is dedicated to costumes and masks which would seem in line with multiple personalities. By all means I hope she didn’t write this section mockingly and I am definitely not doing that either, especially that I had suspected (and actually confirmed by her) that my daughter had this, and she  had considered a major problem. I believe I embraced her as she was and if she had multiple personality dissorder, I loved every one of her personalities and if I have ever raised my voice at her in annoyance of her ever changing behavior I hope she forgave me. 

But one thing I know for sure, to me multiple personality is not a disorder. It hasn’t been in the old culture, in those ancient cultures every person and their gifts were embraced, not ridiculed for. 

I found Kitty very intreguing of course being my daughter, made this very easy for me. My wish going further into the future and raising next generations of “different personalities, please remember that just because you are different then the person sitting next to you in class or work or even on the bus, it means just one thing. You are different and unique. Just like every one else on the bus is different from everyone else. How great is that? Sometimes we feel that we can’t relate to others bc we are not the same, but just think of a world of all the same and you tell me how boring that would be. 

I love you for reading to the end and I hope when you see other people around you, you take a moment and look at them, and really see them the way they are. A glance in not enough. Really LOOK. LOOK because you will start seeing things you haven’t before…and it will brighten your day. I promise you that ❤ cheers