Immigration advice from a permanent resident. useful tips.

If you are a citizen of a foreign courty, living in the USA as a permanent resident, hold onto your Green card like it’s your eyesight: bc if God forbid you lose it, -and at that time you were either looking for a job or planned to- or get robbed, forget about jobs or traveling. You are stuck for months without rights.
My greencard was stolen and of course my passport has been expired since like 10 years ago, bc I haven’t traveled outside the country, so…yeah. Don’t lose or let your Greencard get stolen. Ever. I don’t know how can anyone predict that anything will be stolen from them but just don’t let it happen, or you gonna be stuck…like me. Now I’m aproching the 5th month to be stuck, without being able to be hired, or get a new passport or travel… ( at Macy’s I’ve been told… “no m’am you can’t work here unless you show us your greencard”) OK…I’m not sure how could I “make” one for you…lol.

I thought I could go overseas to at least give a hand to my brother who now has 2 kids under 5, instead of sitting here useless in the US for 5 yeah. smart move.


Step #1.make sure your passport is valid at all times even if you don’t plan to travel anywhere further then 100miles of your house for the next 10 years.
Step #2.don’t let anyone rob you (be a phsychic)
Step #3.just make sure you have $400 in your savings account dedicated only to replace your greencard in case someone steals it from you. (that’s how much it cost to replace your stolen card).
Step #4.apply for replacement card as soon as the robber runs away with your card, because you can get fired or not hired if you don’t have your physical card to show at any moment they ask.
Step #4.I donno, just keep calling Immigration and ask them the same question I’ve been asking for months: “when will I get my greencard…” (I had it lawfully given to me back in 2009, why do I have to wait in line behind those ppl that applied for the first time. It’s a piece of plastic. It’s printed based on previous information what’s the holdup? You will keep getting the same answer: “I don’t know m’am when u gonna get your card, all I can do is update you on how far we got in issuing the same type of requests…” every time you call they will tell u a month closer to your application date. First time I called on the day they promised me to send me the card, they said oh…u gotta wait much longer we are only processing req. from October 2015..ok, next was Nov 27, now they hopped to January…I guess not many immigrants applied in December bc everyone was doing Holiday stuff and parties…but in January…the new year resolutions are what I’m afraid of  …oh no…)


Adele yours truly



Survivor mode

Thoughts on life after loved one’s suicide…

They say the pain will change. I know that in 11 months a lot has changed for me/my family and I know more change is coming. Even emotionally everything is constantly changing. I can’t say I’m hurting less, I can’t say I’m used to my loss, but the feeling of the loss is transforming into tremendous love that I can’t describe. Instead of becoming bitter, or depressed I’m becoming more loving. Towards everything and anyone. I couldn’t save my babe bc she gave up her fight. She didn’t believe I can save her. And now everyone else needs love too. I can give that but that’s all. 

I can’t promise I’ll be the best friend as. I always was I can’t promise I’ll never be late somewhere, I can’t promise I’ll never make mistakes but I can promise to love as hard as I can. And that’s my job. For the rest of my life. I’m working on replacing hurt anger sadness with love. 

This love will be experienced by all the earth living people and I really hope it’ll reach out to our angels too. That’s all. I changed. Me emotions are changing by the minute. This is the new me. I’m catching up with myself. I’ll lose weight when my body is ready. 

I keep asking myself: if nothing I can do will bring Kitty back, what is there for me to do, and I keep getting the same answer: L.O.V.E. love all and everything.

If death ever thaught me anything. Is that life is short. 

Unpredictable, and always unfinished. 

We either live it fully or at all. It’s a gift. I’ll honor it, bc I’ve been blessed with it so I might as well make something our of it. This is my emotional state right now, who knows in 2 minutes how I’ll feel… ❤