This routine….wake up, think of Kitty, drink that water, take greengrass, open social media, go through #LouisHay daily affirmations, #DarenDaily, check how friends are doing onFB, see if there are any requests I can fulfill…anyone needs my help? expertise? my shoulder? then go on to a hunt. Between jobs and offers and biz opps…pick something, or a company to learn about. Create one thing out of anything. Write down goals. think of dreams. THink about what could’ve been, what hasn’t happened yet, and what will for sure.


Liver helper

Hey guys, way too many of my friends are complaining about liver problems…so here is a simple liver cleanse you decide how much of it you can drink.

Use a juicer to make this mix:
4 medium carrots
2 handfuls of baby spinach
1 beet
1 cucumber
1 green apple
1 whole lemon peeled
1 inch ginger (or more to taste)
Process everything through a juicer, drink mixed w pulp or without…I’d suggest either eat the pulp or mix  it back in…I assume it’s more effective when the whole thing is in there…

Happy drinking ❤