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Divine intelligence

Today I was listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer. The company released a series  of free videos about divine intelligence.

He mentioned the book Elvis carried everywhere called
“Inpersonal life”.
It was one of Wayne’s favorite books. He suggested everyone to read it.

He told of an interesting example of how an object without the space inside it, simply does not exist.
How the pot his daughter made him will cease to exist if broken in pieces but the space inside it stays around us. It’s everywhere. He compared that to a person’s soul.

He said when people die, their earthly body will stop existing but not their soul. Their soul will stay around us, everywhere in the atmosphere.

Silent Invisible Space Continues.

I am thinking of Kitty the same way. She didn’t “go away” she’s here but not in her human body. She just borrowed that body to show herself to us. To her parents, to the rest of the world. To her friends who loved her. We will continue to love her bc of the experiences we had together, for the memories she left behind.
That loyal girl that was always will never leave my heart.

I love you pretty soul. I will always love you  ❤

"What was sent to
This rose was sent to
Me, to my heart, when
I met You". ~ Rumi ~

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